Building Community Capacity

OSI is taking a collective approach to creating a cultural shift from within a community that prioritizes actively engaging all ages in the outdoors. Through Facilitation, training, education, and research, OSI is working to build a framework that supports communities in creating brighter, healthier future from within.


Building local leadership

Strengthening community through outdoor sports stats with strengthening the skills of of students and adults willing to build community. OSI seeks to develop advocates, mentors, and leaders in outdoor sport through Team OSI for students and the Community Coaches Network for adults.



“Thanks to the sense of community that they have taught me, I’ve begun to engage with my community, getting friends outdoors and into kayaks or hiking mountains. Without OSI, I wouldn’t have the skills in outdoor sports that I do or have the connection to like-minded peers throughout the state and people within my local community.”
— Jake Kowalski | Team OSI Member | Millinocket, ME
“They are organized, forward thinking, and are passionate about training and equipping the local community to reach their own potential. Consequently, they are able to come alongside in a manner that does not create a dependency, but instead, empowers individuals by providing necessary tools to effectively mobilize.”
— Tammi Matula | Teacher & Community Coaches Network Member | Danforth, ME
“OSI has been an invaluable partner to Midcoast Conservancy over the past two years. Our volunteers have gained critical experience and skill from participating in their community leader workshops.”
— Andy Bezon | Program Director & Community Coaches Network Member | Wiscasset, ME